RECON Company was founded in 1970 and is located in the orthopedic capital of the world, in Warsaw, Indiana. RECON initially began by repairing and sharpening surgical instruments. Along with instrument repair, RECON continues to manufacture unique custom-made instruments and due to our customer's emergent needs, have modified our services by reconstructing, reconfiguring, and refurbishing surgical instruments.

Our goal at RECON is to become the premier provider for Orthopedic Asset Restoration Service. We achieve this by extending the life of every instrument in need of repair.

Our service technicians have over 25 years of combined experience in instrument repair allowing RECON to stand out amongst competitors. Here at RECON our primary focus is orthopedics. Along with great service and repair history, RECON’s board members have over 125 years of combined orthopedic experience. This in turn enhances our ability to develop new and innovative technology, build excellent loyalty and accountability with customers, and to build valuable relationships with business partners.

RECON is committed to excellence. This excellence is demonstrated through our board members, in the hiring of our staff, in the quality of our performance, and in all of our professional relationships. RECON is committed to the highest level of success while maintaining the highest level of integrity, accountability, and loyalty.