Instrument patterns abound. There are many manufacturers, many makes and models, and many parts for many purposes. Quality may vary…but for the Old-World Instrument Maker it was a labor of love; it was a unique blend of craftsmanship and engineering to render a product of pride. Though streamlined by the Industrial Revolution, the same respect for the process exists in the finest manufacturing plants today.

That same confidence must come from those chosen to care for instruments today—an artisan in his feel and touch, a scientist in his skill and knowledge. Only a ‘repair-specialist’ like this, can deliver to the surgeon’s hands, with the same form and function engineered by the original maker. That is why it is significant to recognize differences in repair organizations and the standard of care they instill in their technicians.

Do ‘they’ produce artists, machinists, or a blend of both? While an instrument can be mechanically restored to action, a real craftsman understands instrument behavior and ensures this element survives during the repair process as well.

At Recon Company, our goal of course, is to bring each instrument back to its original performance level. Our service technicians have over 25 years combined experience, in the area of instrumentation repair. They understand, first hand, the relationship between the instrument and how it can impact the patient (i.e., bone, muscle, soft tissue, suture, etc.)

A good technician, does nothing to jeopardize the appearance or integrity of a surgical instrument. Insist on a repair vendor who has an extensive parts and materials inventory. Insist on Recon Company!